Невероятни И Забавни Факти За Човешкото Тяло

30 От Невероятни И Забавни Факти За Човешкото Тяло

В human body is one of the most complex and intriguing living structures on Earth. Here are a few fascinating highlights that make it extraordinary, which you can impart to your children.

  • The male body loses about 70 hairs per day, while the female body loses about seventy hair strands.
  • Your blood is as salty as the sea.
  • Our heart circulates at least a thousand times a day.
  • Each of our eyelashes has a lifespan of about 150 days.


  • One can have about five hundred eyelashes.
  • An average human body comprises nerve cells equal to one hundred billion.


  • Uncooked food takes half an hour to digest, which means it takes twice as long to cook.
  • Our bones are four times stronger than ordinary concrete.
  • Usually, our taste buds regenerate every ten days.
  • We are born without a knee joint and are naturally acquired by two to six years.
  • The growth of children is higher in the spring season.
  • The size of our eyes at birth is maintained at all stages of growth, but the nose and ears continue to grow.
  • Everyone born with about three hundred bones will reach the age of two hundred and six.
  • Our skeleton is made up of twenty-six thousand bones.


  • Our hair and nails are made of the same material.
  • If we want to sneeze, the body must stop all its activities, even the heartbeat!
  • When we sneeze, air flows through the nose at a speed of about 160 km / h.
  • There is no other muscle in the body as strong as our tongue!
  • Our stomach is only about seven seconds away from our mouth when it comes to food.
  • Children have more taste buds than adults.
  • The average person has to go for defecation six times.
  • We have the tiniest muscle in the ear.

ear muscle

  • What our body needs; It is natural sodium, not a salt of sodium chloride.
  • Sometimes when we feel our skin burning, it happens all over our body; Water scarcity will be shown.
  • Water for the body; It’s more important than food!
  • Liver; Reaching our body; It expels oil and salt and regenerates most internal organs.
  • Helping to keep diabetes as a hereditary disease can result from our inherited eating habits.
  • Salty foods are a significant cause of many diseases, including diabetes.
  • Around 80% of what we believe is taste is smelled. The flavor is a mix of taste and smells discernment.
  • Salt is a significant cause of water retention, dehydration, and lung and kidney infections.

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