Homemade Tricks to Remove the Smell of Fish from the House

Who doesn’t like to go home after a long day and smell the smell of food? It’s a very comforting feeling. However, if the menu includes fish, the smell that made our mouths water can become unpleasant later if we do not ventilate the home properly.

Everyone who cooks at home knows that as important as the taste of the dish is to know how to eliminate the smell of fish or other foods from the kitchen; otherwise, the smells become stronger over time, and getting rid of them becomes more difficult and even permeates the clothes.

Although it seems like an obvious tip, never stop ventilating the rooms of the house, since, by allowing air circulation, you prevent the smell of food from staying in the environment. Don’t know how to remove the smell of fish from the house? Here we tell you some homemade tricks for ventilation.

Homemade Tricks to Remove the Smell of Fish from the House Explained Ideas

How to remove the smell of fish from the house

  1. Neutralize strong odors with vanilla or lemon essences. They are natural tricks for unwanted smells and it is enough to leave them overnight on the kitchen or coffee table in the room to act. You can take a bowl and put slices of lemons in boiling water or cotton dipped in vanilla extract.
  2. Potatoes are very effective in removing odors. Cut them into a dice shape and place them in your pots and pans with sea salt. Leave them on for 2 hours and you will see the results.
  3. Cinnamon serves to remove odors and can be used throughout the year. Turn on the oven and, as it heats, spread cinnamon powder in a dish. Introduce it and let it bake for 20-30 minutes. Then you just have to take the tray through all the rooms of your house so that they are filled with their essence.
  4. Don’t forget to deodorize your freezer. To do this, you can place a bowl with baking soda or with water and lemons cut on a medium shelf. This will absorb odors and prevent them from seeping into your meals.

What is a homemade trick?

Most of them are simple and low-cost options that allow solving problems of cleaning, cooking, organization, or decoration; in itself, all those difficulties take away our time and have a way out of changing the routine.

A homemade trick or home remedy is done with inputs that can easily be found at homes such as baking soda, white vinegar, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Their plus is that they are not expensive and are more successful than many commercial products found on the market.

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