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Dark Web: 10 Things You Might Not Know

The dark web can be a section of the Internet that may simply be accessed with a particular browser. It really is flooded with illicit articles, the kind that may even receive you arrested if you saw it on Google (where surveillance is normally important). Drugs, against the law weapons, and different scams are simply a number of the things you might face on the dark web.

Nonetheless, it isn’t all like this. Additionally, there are community forums where users can talk to the other person in a correct legal manner. Furthermore, those who can’t speak openly in their private countries can conceal on the dark web and speak their thoughts.


You need to take some precautions before venturing onto the dark web, such as by using a virtual private network, using the proper browser, knowing which sites in order to avoid, plus much more.

Furthermore, a whole lot of record has been built on and through the dark web, such as for example influential sites growing and falling, remarkably capable persons impacting real life in a significant manner, and facts spreading like wildfire which has influenced the environment in major techniques.

With all that to consider, you need to know these 10 critical facts if you plan on discovering this interesting but disturbing part of the web!

Disclaimer: This document is supposed for entertainment needs only and isn’t legal advice. Assuming you have legal questions, talk to a lawyer.

10. It’s Accessible Through A Browser Referred To As The Onion Router (aka TOR)

the onion router

The Onion Router (TOR) could be the most popular browser used to explore the dark web. It includes a kind of encryption function equivalent compared to that of a virtual private network (VPN).

On the other hand, that is definitely not the only sort of security that had a need to see the dark web. Some hackers possess found methods to job around the encryptions on TOR so that it is certainly safer to employ TOR in combo with a VPN.

9. Dark Web Site Uses A Special Domain Ending In .onion

dark web onion-site

In ways, this can be the “magic” behind the procedure of the dark web. Many browsers can only just watch domains with particular top-level domain suffixes. For example .com, .org, and .gov.

Nevertheless, sites with the pseudo-top-level domain suffix .onion can only just end up being accessed by particular browsers, such as for example TOR. Because of this, .onion sites are actually a lot more difficult to locate and report.

8. It Is Not Illegal To Browse The Dark Web


One general misconception that scares various persons from using the dark web?

The theory is that they’re committing a crime in so doing. This is simply not true. The truth is, no crime is certainly committed unless an individual view particularly against the law articles on the dark web. It’s illegal to even mouse-click onto specific sites.

But if you head to various dark web marketplaces and appearance at this content without ordering anything, you are most likely not committing a crime until you try to make the purchase.

Additionally, it is legal to surf and even talk in lots of community forums on the dark web so long as you do not utilize them to create unlawful organization transactions or take part in unlawful activities.

7. Not All People Uses The Dark Web For Crimes


When you hear about the dark web, it may seem of men and women using it to market unlawful chemicals or upload illegitimate content. Perhaps you even suppose the stereotypical photo above: A guy putting on a hoodie in a hardly lit room who’s hiding his encounter and searching at binary digits on his notebook while typing in a manner that resembles hacking.

But this is simply not often the case. Different persons on the dark web have applied it to evade censorship and make a claim that might be unlawful to state openly within their countries. For example, opposing their country’s head and whistleblowing.

Furthermore, people have a lot more anonymity and privacy on selected forums on the dark web. There, they are able to have significantly more open discussions about various things than on the wide-open internet (aka the “clearnet”).

6. Silk Road Was Just About The Most Popular Sites On The Dark Web


Before it turned out seized and switch off by the FBI in October 2013, Silk Road was among the major marketplaces on the dark web. It turned out founded in February 2011 to hosting company independent on the net suppliers advertising various problems, typically illegal substances, and firms.

They sold nearly any illegal item or assistance you might realize of, with almost no restrictions to what may be sold. Following an original web page was eliminated, it required simply monthly for a brand new site to region. It turned out known as Silk Highway 2.0. However, that site furthermore has been switched off.

5. Most Websites Are Scams in The Dark Web


There are a large number of websites on the dark web, a lot of which claim to be selling certain things. Nevertheless, when you get something (that you really shouldn’t), you’ll get that it hardly ever causes it to your house.

That’s right. The owner just built off with both your cash as well as your pride. Additionally, you perhaps ordered something against the law from the dark web, making you a criminal. Furthermore, some marketplaces focus on advertising things that help with scams. Certain marketplaces, including the now-defunct Silk Highway, had trust rankings for vendors.

Even so, this could be abused by suppliers who primary gain their buyer’s trust and flip to scamming. Afterward, these criminals create different accounts and restart the routine.

4. Most of the Sales On The Dark Web Use Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin is a good cryptocurrency, which ensures that it exists digitally without a central regulatory or perhaps issuing authority just like the US government. In addition, it depends on cryptography to avoid fraud and counterfeiting.

As a decentralized kind of currency, Bitcoin is hard (though not really out of the question) to trace, rendering it simple to use for dark web buys. As Bitcoin could be tracked, individuals have a tendency to also make use of mixing solutions to create their transactions totally anonymously.

Sales will often involve other cryptocurrencies, such as for example Litecoin or perhaps Bitcoin Cash. Nevertheless, Bitcoin may be the most common.

3. The FBI Offers Performed Sting Procedures On The Dark Web

dark web a-seized-site

Sometimes, some links simply won’t load about the dark web or they’ll show a display with the FBI logo design that lets you know the website has been seized. But this isn’t the entire extent to which legal authorities have already been mixed up in the dark web.

One of these is Operation Bayonet, where Dutch law enforcement hijacked Hansa, a dark web market.

2. People Might Work with Hidden Wiki Sites To Look for Links

dark web tor hidden wiki

There are various “Hidden Wiki” sites, a few of which are also on the subject of the clearnet. These sites are of help to find .onion links to explore.

Luckily, virtually all Hidden Wikis usually do not include links to sites that will be unlawful to select. Some persons also claim that the FBI creates Hidden Wiki sites to provide criminals easier usage of sites found in sting operations.

1.The ‘Deep Web’ Is Not Necessarily The ‘Dark Web’

dark web

Will be you surprised to learn this? You shouldn’t become. There will be two types of “hidden” websites-the dark web, which features illegitimate products, and the deep internet, which is merely an umbrella term for whatever runs on the .onion hyperlink.

For instance, whistleblowers who utilize the .onion domain to contact out their governments aren’t a section of the dark web. Rather, they’re in the deep web. Nevertheless, Silk Road could have been regarded section of the dark web.

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