How to change the face in a video: the best apps for Android

Video editing has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, being a simple task for those who want to edit any clip with just a few clicks. We will not need to use a computer for it, it is enough to have a mobile phone with an Android system and an app.

let’s show you how to change the face in a video with android mobile, in addition to doing a few steps to replace the face that appears at that moment with another. The popularity of this has allowed many to make viral videos across social media, YouTube, and other platforms.

With FilmoraGo


A simple application to use when changing the face and another part of the photo is FilmoraGo, a tool available on the Play Store. This application is free, it is also powerful when it comes to editing any video, adding filters, and a lot of varied options.

FilmoraGo is popular among those who use TikTok, but also for content creators on the YouTube platform, a site where millions of people already upload a clip edited by this tool. It is one of the most complete editing apps at the moment despite its competition.

If you want to change the face to a video with this tool Do the following:

  • The first thing is to download and install the FilmoraGo app from the Play Store on this link
  • Open the application once you have already installed it on your device
  • Choose a video from the gallery and click “Next”
  • In the options below, click on “PIP” and choose an image, click on “Album” and locate the one you want to put on it, place it on top of the face and click on the confirmation signal to save it
  • Now click on “Export” and you already have the change of face in the video, try to make the face the same size to make it more professional

Reface: Face swap videos/photos

Refresh app

It is one of the most useful programs when it comes to changing the face of a video, but also that of a photo, all in a fast and professional way. Reface: Face Swap videos/photos is an application that lets you quickly replace the face, since it goes to what we want, replace the face.

Reface: Face Swap videos/photos allow you to select an image from the gallery, save the project and view it from the same app if you want. We are going to explain how to do it in a few simple steps using this popular application that already has more than 100 million downloads behind it.

To change the face to a video with Reface Do the following:

  • Download and install the app from the Play Store (link below all)
  • Select the video from the gallery and wait for it to load
  • Now after this, choose the part of the face, you can make yourself if you want a selfie also, now choose a face from the gallery and implement it, to save the video hit «Export» and that’s it, it’s that simple to make a face change with Reface

Add Face To Video Reface video

Add face video reface

It is an app with cuts and pastes a photo of the face, all this in a video or even a photo, all similar to Reface, which seems to have many things. It is, after trying all the apps, the simplest when it comes to replacing a face with a video, it is very intuitive and at the same time powerful.

It has the option to make montages by adding many images to add the face too, but also some simple clips to have a good laugh. Add Face To Video Reface video is an app that manages it well you will become a professional of it and you will get a good game out of it.

To put the face in the app Do the following:

  • Download and install once you have it available from the Play Store
  • Launch the app and select a video from the gallery
  • Now select the part of the face and choose an image to remember to have cut out the face so that it goes specifically in the space and does not go out of frame anywhere, the tool also lets you cut out the excess parts and adjusts it

Swap faces 2

swap faces 2

A simple editor with which to change the face of a video in a few simple clicks, the application does no more than this, which is ultimately what is being sought. Despite being focused, it has many filters, to change things in the video and give it a new touch quickly, but above all simply.

Change the face in a video and put a funny one, a famous one, or your own disfigured one, as well as many other things «Change faces 2» can do. It’s fast and it does the job perfectly, plus it’s a free utility that you can not miss if you want to make a simple change without having to go through a tutorial.

Add Face to Video: Reface, Face Swap

change faces face

A great application to change the face in a video with the Android phone, it is extremely simple if you want to put a face on another image. Copy and paste on top of it and adapt it so that it doesn’t look like it’s uploaded, it has a very good finish due to the adaptation of the faces, which makes it a professional app in every way compared to others.

The videos can be shared directly from the application once you finish the work, ideal if you want to upload a video to the platform you usually use, including YouTube. It looks like some because of its use since it only has the function of adding the face and little else.

A new addition is to be able to use filters, It has been included in the latest update and it is worth touching its panel to give life to the videos. It has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people and the rating of the app is almost 5 stars, it has 4.9 (one of the highest views).

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