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How to schedule a meeting on Zoom

Video conferencing grew throughout 2020 due to the pandemic, being used by a large number of companies around the world. Telecommuting remains an important part of the company. Therefore, the bet is to have an application that adapts to all needs, whether it is a small or large company.

One of the applications that grew over the years has been Zoom, a tool developed by Eric Yuan in 2011, and that has not taken off until relatively last three years. Zoom is an app with which to hold a meeting with up to 100 participants as a maximum allowed.

The participants will receive an email with a link, clicking on it will take you to the meeting created by an administrator, who will be able to attend, view, and record the session. we will explain how to schedule a meeting on zoom either in the web version or on your mobile phone.

Zoom, a tool with a free version

zoom app

Zoom at the moment adds a free version of the application, although it has limits, among them the sessions created have a maximum duration of 40 minutes. The limit in addition to the participants is 100, growing in the paid versions of the platform created by Yuan.

The application has a fairly easy environment, its operation is simple and we can make a call with a large group of people, always having the decision made by the admin. It will be the one that even controls everything about those who enter being able to silence and even remove the video image from users.

Among its limitations, Zoom in its free version also does not include storage space, Although it adds a whiteboard, in addition, the administrator and people will be able to talk through text and share files. The admin will be the one to decide when the session ends, having a limited time (40 minutes in the free version and unlimited in the other paid versions).

The first step, register


To start a meeting you need a brief registration that any natural person or company has to pass, depending on the use that you are going to give it, you must create an account. Thanks to it you will always be able to access the profile, in addition to adding a photo and information about yourself.

When creating an account, there are three possibilities, one is done through the Zoom website, a PC program, and the other is through the Android and iOS applications. Any one of them is valid. Remember to always put an authentic email to receive the validation link once you complete the registration form.

To sign up for Zoom Do the following:

  • Access the Zoom page at this link this link if it is in the application, download it from the Play Store, install it and go to the “Register” section
  • Choose the month in which you were born, day and year, click “Continue” and wait for the next window to load
  • Put a complete email address, with the @ and its ending choose one that is not in use and hit «Register»
  • Click on confirm and that’s it, now you will receive a validation email, you have to click on the link to activate the account
  • You can now do with your account to create a meeting on the platform

If you have already registered previously, remember to be able to enter your email and password, it is generated once you have entered the email. The user who requires it will be able to access his account whenever he wants, in addition to being able to schedule regular meetings.

How to schedule a meeting on Zoom

Zoom meeting schedule

When scheduling a zoom meeting, the appropriate thing is that the members be notified that it will be at one hour on the dot, if it is not like that they will not arrive at it. Always try to keep a certain time, when all the participants are usually available, so it is best to choose an intermediate time.

Scheduling a meeting always depends on the administrator, if you haven’t done one before, it’s best to see how to create one quickly. You must put some information, this will be very valuable for those who want to participate in it, whether they are friends or workers if it is a company account.

If you want to schedule a Zoom meeting perform the following steps:

  • Open the page, PC program, or Zoom application
  • Sign in with your email account, if you have already done so, skip this step
  • If you do it from the web page, on the left side click on “Meetings” and then click on “Schedule meeting”
  • Now a new window will appear, here you must fill in all the empty fields, including the start date, the day you want it to start, the time (if it is AM or PM)in addition to the name of the meeting, the last point is to choose the duration, the basic plan (free) offers a maximum limit of 40 minutes
  • Hit “Save”
  • After this, a large number of options will appear. including the invitation link, copy the meeting ID and password, the first of which is valid at all times, and the key also for those who enter
  • Click on “Start” and wait for it to start if you have set it at a certain time, put a notice on your phone and you will see how you can enter the host, so you will see those people connected

Download the app on Android

zoom android app

The android user has in the application one of the best elements, especially when it comes to being able to connect quickly and showing the image with the front camera. You just have to give the different permissions to start operating with the application.

In it, the steps to follow are similar to those of the application via the web, the program for PC is identical, only that the aesthetics change a bit if it is compared to that of the phone. In iOS it is the same as it happens in the mobile device with the Google system with a few steps you create a meeting, as well as schedule it.

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