How To Use The Oven Efficiently

How To Use The Oven Efficiently: 12 Energy Saving Tips

Preparing healthy, rich, fat-free, healthy food with all the nutrients becomes very simple by using the oven efficiently and as an ally to control calories while preserving the flavor, in addition, it does not require much dedication.

However, most of us are likely to use the oven because we do not know what it can consume and that is why we left that baked chicken that we wanted so much, for a more “special” occasion. But, although it is not the appliance that consumes the most at home, it is below the refrigerator and the washing machine, we are going to give you some tips to save energy and get the most out of your oven because it never hurts to achieve better energy efficiency.

Oven power

Like other household appliances, power is very important to determine energy consumption since the more power the more it consumes. An oven normally has a power of between 900 and 3500 watts, although the different modes and functions may need more or less power, on average, an average oven usually consumes 1.5 kW / h in normal use, that is, if we use it for an hour it will consume 1500 watts.

Cook several dishes at once


How To Use The Oven Efficiently: 12 Energy Saving Tips Explained Ideas

If what we are looking for is to save energy, a good way to do it is to cook several foods at once, but without abusing the space so as not to modify its temperature.

Most ovens are large enough to be able to introduce several dishes with recipes at the same time and make a 2×1 saving money, time, and energy. That is, you can cook the chicken and the vegetable garnish separately, but at the same time, get the most out of your oven.

Eye! Do not saturate it or else the temperature will not circulate correctly.

How to use the space:

  • The top of the oven concentrates more temperature, so it is ideal to place there the foods that need quick-cooking or a gratin.
  • In the central part, you can put foods such as fish that do not need much cooking.
  • As for the bottom, it is the perfect place for slow cooking like roasts.

Don’t open the door all the time

While cooking, try not to open the door constantly as this way the heat will be lost and the oven will require more energy to maintain the temperature. Therefore, it is about reducing the times we open the door to check the status of our recipe to make more efficient use of our oven.

Pre-cook the vegetables

A very good trick that allows us to save energy is to boil the vegetables a few minutes before cooking them in the oven. This way you will reduce baking times and get interesting results.

Cut food into small pieces

If we cut that chicken into small pieces or if we fillet the sea bass, we will save a lot of energy since the time to cook is shortened, the smaller the piece, the less time it needs to be ready. Baking the same amount of food, but in small portions, is a very good way to save time, money, and energy. It will come out just as rich and much easier to plate.

Take advantage of the waste heat from the oven

After turning off the oven, the heat is maintained for a few minutes, so you can turn it off when you see that your recipe has less than 10 minutes left to finish cooking. Also, if you need to heat something else apart, you can use the waste heat to heat other foods instead of pulling the microwave. You’ll save a lot of energy!

Use glass or ceramic containers

It is essential to choose a suitable container to get the most out of our oven. Therefore, we recommend using glass or ceramic containers that need much less time to heat, so it will not be necessary to heat the oven for so long.

Another option is the metal containers indicated especially for baking since they heat up quickly, perfect for recipes that require a high temperature in a short time.

Thaw the night before

If you are going to prepare a dish with frozen food, it is best not to wait to take it to the oven so that it thaws. Leave it overnight at room temperature and you will save even more time and energy. Your pocket will appreciate it.

Maintenance is important

It may seem silly, but maintaining proper cleaning and making small periodic reviews greatly improve the energy savings of this appliance.

A lot of accumulated dirt can cause the heating of the resistance not to be evenly distributed within the furnace. In addition, ovens are composed of many pieces and like any other appliance, over time they can spoil although it is a whole world to change it, it is essential to have an oven in good condition to get the most out of it.

It may be that by the use the door does not close correctly, that the thermostat is not balanced, or that the fan fails, if you see something that does not fit, you must solve it before it goes to more either buying another or making use of the warranty, etc.

If we take care of our oven, it will extend its useful life and make it consume less energy.

If your oven has a self-cleaning program, use it intelligently; put the program right after you have used the oven, this way it will be already hot, so it is not necessary so much time and energy to reach the temperature required by the self-cleaning program to remove grease and dirt.

Choose efficient ovens

energy efficiencyAppliances with a high energy classification usually involve a greater initial investment, however, it is worth betting on labels A or B since, in the long run, it will allow us to save energy and get better performance. In addition, you will help reduce the environmental impact.

Take advantage of cheap hours

Another method that would help us save would be to use the oven during off-peak hours, that is, from 12 pm to 8 in the morning. Although it may be a schedule incompatible with lunch and dinner hours. Therefore, the second option is to use the oven during the flat hours, that is, between 8 am and 1 pm for lunch, and from 5 pm to 9 pm for dinners. Keep in mind also, that on weekends and holidays the off-peak schedule lasts 24 h. Great!

Forget about aluminum foil

Although putting aluminum foil inside the oven in the inside part or on the sides, may seem like a good idea to collect grease or sauces, the truth is that the reflective surface of the paper alters the homogeneous distribution of heat and can also obstruct the oven fan. It is not recommended.

Invest in technology

That energy consumption is not a reason not to use the oven and prepare those delicious recipes that you crave. It is clear that an oven relic is not the same as a state-of-the-art one. Therefore, if your oven is one of those and you think the time has come, consider investing in a new more modern one, the savings can even be palpable in the bill.

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