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Restrict On Instagram: What is it?, What is it for? and How it is done?

Instagram is a social network that lets us control the way we communicate with other accounts. There are a number of options available in the app, which allow you to have more or less communication or contact with other people. One of the functions is to restrict on Instagram which we will talk about next, although it is not the only one.

In addition to the restrict function, on Instagram we have with the ability to mute and/or block other accounts. All these are options with which we can manage the communication, contact or interaction that we have with other accounts within the social network. Knowing what each of them consists of is therefore important, because there may be some that you want to use.

Restrict, mute and block on Instagram: what they are


As we have mentioned, these are three options with which the social network will allow us to manage the communication or interaction we have with others. On Instagram there may be accounts with which at some point we want to have less contact, for example, because they annoy us or we don’t want to be able to see the posts they upload. These three options are something that all users on the platform will be able to use. Each one of them gives us different options or they will have a different effect. So depending on the situation, a different one will be used.

  • Mute: The mute feature is something we can use when we want to stop seeing posts from a certain account in our news feed. There may be an account that uploads too many photos, which ends up tiring us out. Therefore, if we silence an account, these publications (it can also be done with their stories), stop appearing in the news section of the app. If we want to see their publications we will have to enter their profile. We will be able to continue liking, leaving comments or sending messages with this account.
  • To restrict comment: The restrict feature on Instagram is something that will affect communication between accounts. When you restrict someone, they can still see your posts, but when they leave a comment, you’ll need to approve or reject each comment. So you can prevent their comments from being visible, for example. Also, when this person sends you a message, their message is sent as if it were a request. He will also not be able to see when you are connected to the chat in the app, nor will he see if you have read any of his messages.
  • Block: Blocking is the most radical option of these three. When you block someone, all contact with this person is removed. Your profile disappears for them, they will not be able to search for you or see the posts you upload to your account. In addition, they will not be able to send you messages in the application. This means that you will not be able to see their profile, their activity or have contact with them either. It is something that can be done when someone is harassing us or being really offensive, thus preventing them from having contact with us.

Each of these options can be used at a certain time. Depending on the situation, there may be one that is more suitable for you. So now that you know what each of them does, you can choose the one that you consider to be the most appropriate.

How to Restrict Someone on Instagram

Restrict on Instagram

If you have chosen the option to restrict someone on Instagram, you are going to limit the communication that this person has with you. You will still be able to see their posts as normal in the feed, and yours will appear in their feed. They will be able to like some of your photos, but their comments will be something you have to approve if you want. Also, the messages will not be displayed in the inbox normally. So it is a measure that is going to have quite an impact on the way you communicate with this person, but limiting such communication may be exactly what you want.

This is something that you can do with any account in the social network. It can be someone who currently follows you, but even with someone who doesn’t follow you and has a public account you will still be able to use this feature. If you want to restrict someone on Instagram, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Find this person’s account. Either in your list of followers or using the search bar of the application. Enter this person’s profile then.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right.
  4. A menu with various options opens on the screen. Click on the Restrict option.
  5. Instagram confirms that this has been done.
  6. If there are more accounts that you want to restrict in the social network, repeat the process with each of them.

The person to whom you have applied these restrictions will not know anything about this matter. Instagram doesn’t issue a notice telling you that someone has restricted you, so there’s nothing for you to worry about in this regard. Yes, it is something that you can notice in some cases, if you see that one of your comments is not published directly or is not published directly. So someone may ask you on occasion if there is a problem or if you have deleted their comments. But there is no direct way for someone to know that you have restricted them on the social network.

Remove restrictions


We have restricted some account on Instagram and after a while we have changed our minds. What can we do in this case? In the same way that we have used the restrict function on Instagram we are given the ability to cancel such restrictions. The social network allows us to remove the restrictions that we have applied to an account. In this way, communication with this account will return to normal, which may be what we are looking for in this case. The steps we have to follow in this case are:

  1. Open Instagram on your device.
  2. Find the profile of the person to whom you applied these restrictions and enter their profile.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots in the right corner.
  4. In the menu that appears, click on the option called Remove restrictions.
  5. Instagram confirms that you have done this.

As we have discussed, when we remove restrictions from an account the communication between the two will change again. This communication now returns to the initial or original state. So this person will now be able to leave all the comments they want on our posts and those comments will be published directly. We will no longer have the ability to approve these comments. If we don’t like any of them, we can always delete them, this doesn’t change, but said comment will be published directly.

Also direct messages will change again. This person will be able to send us a message normally, and said message will appear again in the inbox on Instagram. It will no longer be sent as a request as it used to be. Also, when we enter the chat in the app, this other person will be able to see if we are online or not, something that they can take advantage of to send a message, of course. Read receipts will be available again too, so you’ll know when we’ve read one of your messages and if we’re ignoring you, for example.

How do I know if someone has restricted me?

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Of course, not only we can restrict another account on the social network. There may be someone who made the decision to use this restrict feature with us, because we are annoying. As we have said before, the social network does not issue a notification for the person to whom these restrictions have been applied. So it is not something that we can know in advance, at first you will not notice too many changes.

As we have mentioned, It is something that we can see in the communication in some cases. If we leave a comment on a publication of this person and said comment does not come out directly, it is something that can raise suspicions. It can tell us that this person has placed restrictions on us. If this happens with many messages, then it already seems clear that this is the case. Also if we see that many of the comments that we have posted never appear, then we can also suspect that this is the case, that such restrictions have been applied.

Secondly, it is something that can be noticed in the messages. If this person never comes online to you, but there is another person who can see that they are online, it is clearly not normal, so they have restricted you. When you send him a message, if he answers you, but you see that there is never a read receipt, something that exists in the chats on Instagram, is another detail that will tell us. You can always find out by asking this person if they have restricted you, but many users on the social network do not do this, so the aforementioned signs can help you know.

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