What is Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus spyware is owned or operated by the Israeli NSO Group. The particular spyware can be installed on devices running certain variations of iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. Typically the company was owned by American exclusive equity firm Francisco Partners, then acquired back by typically the founders in 2019.

Pegasus Spyware

Senior BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy’s tweet that the phone details of many prominent people in the country, including politicians, journalists, lawyers, and human rights activists, have been leaked, is once again being discussed in Pegasus India.

What is Pegasus? Will Pegasus hack into your phone and leak your information?

In short, Pegasus is software that infiltrates the phone without leaving any evidence and then kills itself.

In 2019, the mobile virus Pegasus will be in the news for the first time in India. WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging app, was behind the news. WhatsApp has come to know that there are some issues with their voice calling and video calling systems among some users and a detailed investigation is underway.

The investigation revealed that the Pegasus virus, produced by the Israeli company NSO, was behind the attack. The NSO has repeatedly stated that it has no role in what happened to WhatsApp and that it is a company that builds security surveillance systems for various governments.

WhatsApp’s announcement that phones that are thought to be infected with the virus should be updated as soon as possible. It has been the subject of much discussion since then, with people posting warning messages on social media. Opposition leaders, human rights activists, and lawyers have since come forward with claims on their phones that Pegasus has been infected and called on the government to investigate further.

pegasus whatsapp end to end encryption

Aimed at the iPhone, which claims to be the most secure, the Pegasus first made headlines in 2016. At the time, some human rights activists accused Pegasus of infecting their smartphones. At the time, some human rights activists accused Pegasus of infecting their smartphones. Politicians, diplomats, human rights activists, and journalists. Pegasus is targeting lawyers.

That is where the importance of the investigation into the spying program of the Israeli company, which has close ties with various governments, comes into play. So far no clues have been received.

What surprised everyone at the beginning was how Pegasus got into WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption. The technology world was amazed that Pegasus used a calling system, not a text message. Spy program codes are deposited on the smartphone through a single missed call. The jailbreak will then take control of the phone’s operating system. It is not necessary to take the call, it is also worth noting that to get into it.

With jailbreak, Pegasus is able to intercept every aspect of the phone, from stealing data to working the camera. You can receive the message before the end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp. It is not clear whether WhatsApp was used to leak the data.

The fact is that Pegasus does not need WhatsApp to transmit data. The Pegasus smartphone can be accessed via email and SMS links. All you have to do is connect your phone to the Internet. When spying on a Pegasus smartphone, the phone does not slow down or we do not notice any change. Pegasus will disappear by itself after the espionage. No evidence will be left in the log files of the phone. Therefore, the Pegasus is an efficient suicide bomber.

Although Pegasus is aimed at Apple, it will work on Android and Blackberry. This spy program takes control of the operating system and captures all information such as phone calls, messages, photos, camera, microphone, email, calendar, SMS, location, network details, settings, browsing history, and contacts. We can understand how dangerous the Pegasus can be if we say that it is an expert who operates the camera without anyone knowing and transmits it through the internet.

According to Facebook, Pegasus has infected more than 1,400 phones worldwide. The investigation is ongoing.

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