How to get my partner to open up and tell me what’s wrong with him

How to get my partner to open up and tell me what's wrong with him If your partner does not tell you what is happening to him, it is likely that you think that the problem is not yours, but it is important to be clear that in the face of any setback in a relationship, the work must be joint: Avoid pressing. If you want to help your partner make it clear that you are there for what they need, do not pressure and above all, do not criticize. Love is listening and trying to understand. Communicating is not synonymous with weakness. Your partner may think that if he opens up to you he is showing frail and will feel helpless, so you should remind him that this is not the case. Sharing what you feel and communicating will enrich you. Say out loud what worries. As we have already mentioned, we are not fortune tellers, so you should make your partner see that a good way to free himself from what worries him is to talk about it.

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